The Eye Mask


The Philippine's newest and comfiest Zero pressure eye mask. Perfect for sleep, travel, and meditation.

Sleep anywhere, anytime!

3D hollow eye contouring for Zero eye pressure

100% blackout guaranteed, ensuring deeper and faster sleep

✓ 360° coverage for distributed pressure - great for side sleepers

✓ Lightweight (68g), foldable and easy to carry

✓ Soft, durable and anti-wrinkle materials for a long lasting use

Seamless and traceless Velcro to avoid hair-sticking

Size: 72x10.5cm

- Filling: 100% memory foam (polyurethane)
- Outer cover: 100% polyester fiber
- Inner cover: 59% nylon brocade + 36% polyester fiber + 5% spandex

100% machine washable

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Amanda C
Best sleep, great value

I was researching on the best sleep masks online, and Suenyo's 30-day guarantee was what made me finally jump the gun on a luxe mask. It did not disappoint. Comfy, breathable, adjustable, nice velvet storing pouch, quick delivery, great customer service. No regrets.


Suenyo's ad just popped up on my IG news feed, coincidentally, as I was reading articles on how to sleep well (I work on night shift), got interested with their eye mask so I purchased it right away. Their eye mask has helped me achieve quality sleep and it does not irritate my face or leave marks for wearing too long!

Neil Zerrudo
It does well to keep the light out

The Eye Mask takes time getting use to. Not a bad experience, just different. It sometimes feels warm maybe because of the polyester fabric but it does keep the light out and does some noise cancellation as well.