Weighted Blanket - Grey


Specially designed to create the feeling of being hugged, helping you sleep, focus, and relax better.  

  • Evenly distributed premium glass beads in each square
  • 100% cotton cover for a soft and cozy feel
  • 2mm stitch for a lasting use 
  • Eight loop rings for a sturdy blanket cover hold 
  • Multiple sizes and weight option for optimal comfort

*We recommend choosing 10% of your body weight. If you're physically active, and you lift weights, we suggest moving up to the higher blanket weight option.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Works as advertised

As the type of person who has a lot of trouble sleeping, I was very skeptical with weighted blankets. Also living in the Philippines, I thought this would be something impractical because of the warm weather. However, upon seeing Suenyo in ads, I really wanted to try its effectivity. I had a lot of questions about the product and they were all answered very nicely by the Suenyo team. I finally decided to purchase one, and after a few weeks, I am now very happy with my purchase! First of all, the package arrived sooo nicely and even came with a personal note from the team which I appreciated. They also helped me out with my delivery since I ordered via Lazada. After trying it out for a few days, I noticed that I sleep a bit faster than usual, although I still have those problems once in a while. But what did get better is how I manage to sleep through the night. I can now sleep 6 to 8 hours straight compared to before. Suprisingly, it also doesn't add warmth, and instead it just feels like a giant hug. Very happy with the product and with the Suenyo team as well. :) Will definitely recommend this to friends :)

Neil Zerrudo
It's a different experience from a regular duvet

We are loving the weighted blanket! It is a different experience from a regular duvet. I've heard it described as a warm hug and I agree. And because it is a blanket, you feel the hug everywhere the blanket covers. It is a very soothing feeling!

Worth It!!

For the past days I couldn't sleep straight and was having trouble sleeping. I've been wanting a weighted blanket for a long time and finally purchased one and I wish I did this sooner because this is really worth it. My sleeping is uninterrupted and been sleeping really deep. In a matter of seconds I fall asleep kagad! Super worth it plus service of Suenyo is really superb, got my blanket the same day I ordered it!! Thank you so much!!

Mark Ibasco

Weighted Blanket - Grey

Better quality sleeping nights

I was able to get my 20kg king-sized weighted blanket 2 weeks ago and I must say that it helps me sleep faster despite having very bad insomnia. I feel great waking up after use and looking forward for more sleep because of it. The first few nights were adjustment period since I'm not used to sleeping with this kind of weight but I was able to adjust after a few days. I'm hopeful that this would help me fix my sleeping patterns and be able to have more great night sleep and having a refreshing feeling the next day. Kudos as well to the Suenyo team for checking up on me during the first day and first week! Great customer service! Thanks Suenyo!